IORI BABY SUKU-SUKU Height Measuring Towels


Today we’re proud to feature new additions to IORI’s original baby lineup: SUKU-SUKU ANIMAL and SUKU-SUKU IORI.

‘SUKU-SUKU’ is a Japanese onomatopoetic word which symbolizes quick growth. The term is generally used in the Japanese language to describe the rapid growth of children, plants, or animals.

The IORI design team produced the rulered, height-measuring Imabari Towel series so mothers are able to track their precious baby’s growth each time she lays him or her down on the towel. The hope of swift, healthy growth in mind, the height-measuring towel series was named SUKU-SUKU.


Fun cartoon animal characters are printed on the ‘Animal’ towel. Illustrated by the BOB FOUNDATION, a creative group famous for humor-filled artwork.

It is a full-sized 100% cotton bath towel with a shirred finish on one side, and traditional pile on the reverse side.

Shirring is a processing technique where approximately 1/3 of the pile loop ends are clipped, resulting in a smooth, velvety textured towel.

The thin, lightweight, absorbent IORI-exclusive towel is an officially recognized Imabari Towel made in Japan.

Size: 120x60cm

Price: ¥4,750

Materials: 100% Cotton

Made in Imabari, Japan



The second item of IORI BABY’s original height-measuring towel series is SUKU-SUKU IORI. This luxurious full-sized bath towel is woven with non-twist yarn known as ‘MUNENSHI.’

Compared to traditional yarn, non-twist yarn has a softer and warmer texture. It will also improve in softness and volume the more you wash and tumble dry.

SUKU-SUKU IORI was designed by famous Japanese illustrator Shinpei OnishiAs you may have noticed, the animals woven onto the towels form the word IORI!

Colors: Off-White, Coral-Orange, Marine-Blue

Size: 120x60cm

Materials: 100% Cotton

Made in Imabari, Japan


Both SUKU-SUKU series towels make for a great baby gift! Gender-neutral designs and colors make this a great selection for gift-giving. Please see our gift-wrapping options for more details.

May your baby grow strong and healthy alongside the SUKU-SUKU Imabari Towel series!

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