IORI Matsuyama Exclusive: Tsubaki Pink

Imabari Towel Tsubaki Pink

IORI is proud to announce the release of its Matsuyama-store exclusive pink version of our popular Tsubaki Imabari Towel series. For those lucky enough to be traveling in Ehime, we recommend stopping by our IORI Matsuyama store, located at the base of the ropeway lift of Matsuyama Castle.   


Tsubaki (Camelia)
Imabari Towel

The Tsubaki, known in English as Camellia, which has been loved by the Japanese people since the Manyo period, is one of the most familiar flowers to Japanese people. In Europe it is also referred to as the “oriental rose” loved for its neat beauty.

Avalable in two sizes:

Face Towel (80x34cm) ¥1,296 tax incl.

Handkerchief (22x22cm) ¥648 tax incl.

Please stop by IORI if you are in Matsuyama for the widest selection of Imabari Towels!

We are open everyday from 9AM-7PM!

You can shop tax free on purchases over ¥5400!

Hope to see you soon!