How are you? -ごきげんいかが?-

Date: (Fri)11/4/16-(Fri)11/11/16

Place: IORI Matsuyama (Ropeway Street)

To commemorate a new series of YUTA SASAKI x IORI collaborative hand towels, we will be hosting a YUTA SASAKI artwork exhibit at the IORI Matsuyama store for a week. Approximately 30 of famous Ehime-based artist YUTA SASAKI’s art pieces will be showcased in-store.

On display will be 6 original YUTA SASAKI x IORI collaborative hand towels, along with 3 brand new designs! The simple, cute, funny designed hand towels are made in a convenient 27.5x19cm size to take along with during your busy travel schedule. Shirred finish offers a super thin towel with a super smooth texture.

The cute designs will surely bring a smile to you each day whether you are a dog, cat, or bunny lover.

The YUTA SASAKI x IORI towels are sold exclusively at our two Matsuyama locations (Matsuyama and Dogo), so if you are in the area, please stop by for a visit! While supplies last, each purchase comes with a YUTA SASAKI postcard and poster!


Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture

Okaido 3-Chome, 2-45 (Just to the left of the Matsuyama Castle ropelift area)

Open 9:00am-7:00pm SUN-FRI, Till 8:00pm SAT




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