MY FAVORITE -vol. 1-


IORI Product Design Team Leader: KOTOE MATSUURA

Matsuura-san, who is the leader of the product design team at IORI, selected TURKISH TOWEL –diamond- as her favorite towel. Beyond the Imabari Towel quality, it is a fabric towel fixated on design and aesthetics. 

Q1. Why did you select IORI’s Turkish Towel –Diamond- as your favorite towel?

I do feel a bit sentimental over this towel, as it was one of the first projects I designed since joining IORI. I personally enjoy being active and playing sports in my personal life, so I wanted to produce a towel that was thin, lightweight, quick drying, and easy to carry around. In terms of color and design, I wanted to create a towel that would energize me just by the looks of it.

Q2. How is the towel’s functionality?

The towel is a non-pile towel (no pile loops), so you may be worried about the absorbency, but it is woven with 3 layers of tightly knit gauze, resulting in a breathable yet highly absorbent towel. The face towel size is 10cm longer than the typical face towel, making it easy to wrap around your head and neck to dry your hair or perspiration.

Q3. It seems this item can be used for more than just a towel…

Yes, cou can use it in your home as an interior fabric. Drape it over a chair or on a sofa, or use it as a blanket. It is also easily machine-washable which makes it very convenient.

Q4. Who would you recommend this towel to?

Anyone who enjoys sports or outdoor activities! Roll it up into a compact size and take it with you anywhere you can imagine!


Thank you very much!

IORI’s Original TURKISH TOWEL -diamond-

Available in Beige, Green, Yellow.

Wash Towel: 33x31cm ¥1000 JPY

Face Towel: 90x31cm ¥1875 JPY

Bath Towel: 140x70cm ¥5000 JPY

 Imabari Towel Japan




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