Shipping and Handling

  • We currently accept orders from countries served by JAPANPOST EMS express delivery.
  • All orders will be processed and ready for delivery within 2-3 business days.
  • Total shipping fees will be calculated and displayed at the checkout screen based on the total weight of the items in your cart.
  • The displayed weight is the estimated shipping weight, and may vary from the actual weight of the product.

Payment Methods

  • We currently accept secure credit card payments via STRIPE.
  • Please select your currency from the dropdown list on the shop page. 
  • Please contact us if you would like to pay in an unlisted currency.
  • The customer is responsible for any transaction fees assessed by your credit card company. 


Shipping Rates

  • Shipping Rates are based on JapanPost’s EMS express weight-based shipping rates.
  • Total shipping fees will be calculated and displayed at the checkout screen based on the total shipping weight and delivery destination.

  • The displayed product weight is the calculated shipping weight, and may vary from the actual weight of the product.

    EMS Shipping Rates

  First Zone Second Zone Third Zone    
Weight Asia

Oceania, North America,

Central America, Middle East

Europe South America and Africa  
Up to 0.5g ¥1,400 JPY ¥2,000 JPY ¥2,200 JPY ¥2,400 JPY  
Up to 1.0kg ¥2,100 JPY ¥2,900 JPY ¥3,200 JPY ¥4,100 JPY  
Up to 1.5kg ¥2,700 JPY ¥3,700 JPY ¥4,100 JPY ¥5,700 JPY  
Up to 2.0kg ¥3,300 JPY ¥4,500 JPY ¥5,000 JPY ¥7,300 JPY  
Up to 2.5kg ¥3,800 JPY ¥5,200 JPY ¥5,800 JPY ¥8,800 JPY  
Up to 3.0kg ¥4,300 JPY ¥5,900 JPY ¥6,600 JPY ¥10,300 JPY  
Up to 3.5kg ¥4,800 JPY ¥6,600 JPY ¥7,400 JPY ¥11,800 JPY  
Up to 4.0kg ¥5,300 JPY ¥7,300 JPY ¥8,200 JPY ¥13,300 JPY  
Up to 4.5kg ¥5,800 JPY ¥8,000 JPY ¥9,000 JPY ¥14,800 JPY  
Up to 5.0kg ¥6,300 JPY ¥8,700 JPY ¥9,800 JPY ¥16,300 JPY  


Time of Delivery to Major Countries

Please check the JAPANPOST EMS delivery timetable for complete details.

Area Country/Province EMS Average Number of Days
Asia India 4
Indonesia 4
Vietnam 8
Rep. of Korea 3
Singapore 3
Sri Lanka 4
Thailand 3
Taiwan 2
China 2
Hong Kong 2
Pakistan 5
Bangladesh 7
Philippines (“Manila and Other Territories”*) 3
Philippines 10
Malaysia 3
Oceania Australia 4
New Zealand 4
North America Canada 4
United States of America 4
Mexico 7
Middle East United Arab Emirates 7
Israel 5
Iran 5
Saudi Arabia 10
Turkey 6
Europe Italy 6
United Kingdom 3
Austria 3
Netherlands 3
Switzerland 3
Sweden 3
Spain 5
Denmark 4
Germany 4
Hungary 3
Finland 4
France 3
Belgium 6
Poland 4
Russian Federation 5
Africa Egypt 6
Ghana 4
South America Argentina 5
Brazil 5
Peru 4

Duties & Taxes

  • There are no sales taxes applied on purchases made at www.i-ori.com.
  • Please be aware there may be country-different fees (tariffs, VAT) applied to your order for which the customer will be responsible for paying in order to receive your package.
  • This tax rate will vary based on the shipping destination, and IORI can not be held responsible for this fee.
  • Please check with your local customs office for more information regarding online purchases from Japan.


  • We will accept any returns/exchanges within 30 days of your original purchase.
  • Please contact us at i-ori.global@i-ori.jp for any returns/exchanges.
  • Upon receiving the returned items, we will begin the refund/exchange process.


  • The original invoice must be included with the return.
  • Returned items must be unused and in resellable condition.
  • The customer is responsible for any return-shipping fees.


Privacy Policy

  • At IORI, it is our top priority to maintain your trust in our brand, and we take the security of your shopping experience very seriously.
  • All information submitted to i-ori.com is encrypted through Secure Socket Layered (SSL) technology.
  • Any personal information collected during your purchase will be used for our private purposes only, and will never be sold or shared to any third party companies.